About us

We are happy to share our passion and knowledge

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Established by a Moroccan & French couple in 2017, Tayyu is a hiking tour agency operating around Agadir and Taghazout.

Mbarka has a big heart and tons of energy she could not spend it all on surfing, biking and socializing. She had to find something more! Steven moved to Agadir to work for an environmental NGO, and quickly felt in love with the region and its people. Thanks to their shared love of nature, and with much of their time spent hiking, Tayyu Hiking was born.

our values


Maximizing our positive impact on earth is our main goal. Reducing plastic consumption and planting more trees on the hiking trails are some of our simple ways to respect nature. You are more than welcome to add your touch.



We live in a fast and hyper-connected world, and it highly affects our brain and consciousness. There is nothing better than a mindful walk in nature to slow down, clear our mind and boost physical and mental health


We are a cross cultural agency trying to improve cultural awareness. Through our hikes, you will discover more about Berbers, their landscape, and catch a glimpse of the local life. In return, we make sure we respect villagers’ customs, and involve them in our adventure.


the team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together



Beautiful smile, easy going, constantly moving
Volunteering for her passion



Beauty digger, logistical master, fussy. Certified Permaculture Designer from PRI

“Listening and observing closely while hiking is like stepping inside a wonderful hidden land, full of life and beauty.”

Steven, Founder of Tayyu Hiking

our hikes

One step at a time. Feel your hike.

Overnight Hike in Paradise Valley

Argan forests, palm groves, natural pools, canyons, overnight stay at a Berber house, clear night skies, remote Berber villages.

Near Agadir

Scenic views over the city and ocean, calcareous cliffs, terraced fields and a very diverse landscape.

On top of Tamraght

Argan forest, Coastline & Mountains panoramic views, Berber Architecture and History, Traditional kilns