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about hiking Near Agadir

Hikes near Agadir are available!
Fewer kilometers of driving means fewer emissions. Hence, we designed this trek to reduce the time we spend driving hikers from Agadir to trailheads, but also because it is always fun to find new routes and explore new trails. Agadir city, the perfect destination for sun worshipers, is brimming with resorts, restaurants, bars, and a long sandy beach. One can easily be lost in all that. Still, taking a break from the city is a must. However, most travelers concentrate their outdoor activities around paradise valley believing it to be THE hike, but the underestimated hills near Agadir have so much to offer. Let’s go hiking near Agadir, and let the adventure begins




On demand


9am - 4pm


Near Agadir


11km /6.8 miles

Pick UP


230€ /up to 5 people

What's Included

  • Hotel transfer return trip
  • Food (lunch, water, snacks)
  • Amazing Guides
  • Use of walking poles (upon request)


  • Stunning views
  • Argan Forest
  • Lunch in Berber house
  • Ancestral lime Kiln
  • Traditional lifestyle
  • Shepherd trail


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