Overnight Hike in Paradise Valley

There is nothing like a night in nature

about hiking Overnight Hike in Paradise Valley

Our Overnight Hike is a gentle adventure deep enough into Paradise Valley to experience most of its highlights. The trail passes through diverse landscapes, offering hikers a chance to escape the crowds and an opportunity to explore argan forests, palm groves, natural pools and canyons.

A two-day hike in paradise valley is also a chance to immerge in the simplicity and beauty of some remote and isolated Berber villages, learning about their community and their deep ties to the land.

Besides all that, it contributes to revitalize the mind, and for beginners, it can be the first step before tackling multi-day hikes and becoming familiar with long-distance trails.

So, let the Hike begin!


Easy/ Intermediate


On demand


9 am - 5pm


Paradise Valley



Pick UP



What's Included

The journey comes with:

  • Round-trip transportation. We transport you and safeguard your gear if necessary.
  • Local guide: Your companion will share cultural insights, and ensure a smooth itinerary.
  • Delicious meals. Are included:
    • Home-made lunches (day One and two), a savoury dinner on day one, and a rich breakfast on day two.
    • Snacks: Snacks and refreshing water throughout your adventure.
    • Warm tea: Sipping warm cups of tea is a perfect treat after meals an during breaks.

Focus on the adventure and let us handle the details.


Natural Pools that avoid the crowds
remote trails
Geological sites
Berber isolated villages and culture
local guide

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