Best Agadir & Taghazout Hiking trails

Created by nature. Designed by us.

our hikes

Aware of the distinguished landscape here, we have designed new routes to new places beyond the traditional hiking trails. Our hikes around Agadir and Taghazout promise truly unforgettable memories.

Overnight Hike in Paradise Valley

Argan forests, palm groves, natural pools, canyons, overnight stay at a Berber house, clear night skies, remote Berber villages.

Argan & Oasis

Argan & Thuya forest, Nomad trails, Stunning views, Berber Lunch in a village, Oasis and Birds

Taghazout Hike – Above the Ocean

Nomad’s trails through Argan forests, Berber villages, cliffs, caves, oceanic views and Geological sites.

Paradise Valley 2

Beautiful canyons and oasis, a true insight into the Berber culture, all with several natural swimming pools

Near Agadir

Scenic views over the city and ocean, calcareous cliffs, terraced fields and a very diverse landscape.

On top of Tamraght

Argan forest, Coastline & Mountains panoramic views, Berber Architecture and History, Traditional kilns

Banana Village (Aourir)

Shepherd’s Path, Berber villages, natural pools and a peaceful moment in the shade of palm trees.


Our hikes are designed to be accessible to everyone starting from 7 to 77 years old! Bring your children on. They would love it!
We often had babies carried during our hikes ! We can provide a hiking baby carrier for free !

We provide food, water and hiking gear (walking sticks and bags if necessary). You need to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and a swimsuit + a towel when required in the hike.

The price includes Transportation from and to your place, food (full lunch, snacks, water), guides and gear (walking sticks and backpacks if you need them)

In our community hikes, the price only includes guiding.

Payment can be made either in cash or by credit card online. 
In cash, you can pay with Euros or Dirhams the day of the hiking trip. If you want to pay with credit card, we will send to you your invoice with a payment link after booking confirmation.

Our food is home made, and we provide delicious and healthy meals.
Please, let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or special considerations.

Our designed hikes are accessible to most people, since we want everybody on board to enjoy the beauty of our landscapes not endure a painful walk. There are three levels set to give you a better idea:

Easy: Less than 10 km on easy hiking trails.

Moderate(Easy to Moderate): About 10 km with few elevations.

Difficult (Moderate to Difficult): More than 10 km with more elevations.

Our hikes don’t require proper hiking clothes. Shorts or light pants with a technical T-shirt should fit nicely. If you don’t have that, a cotton top should also be fine. You want to wear socks unless you are walking in hiking sandals. Avoid denims; they are not comfortable. 

No you don’t. Sneakers will work fine but it also depends on your ankle’s strength. Locals can hike long distances in flip flops only. But, it is best to bring solid shoes if you are concerned about your ankles. Otherwise, a normal pair of sneakers is perfectly fine.

Sun protection is essential. Bring your hiking hat (or cap), sunscreen, sunglasses, and do not forget your camera or phone to freeze the moment!

You can take photos of the landscape. However, most of Moroccan people don’t like to be photographed at all. It is very important to ask for permission before trying to take a photo of villagers. Try to connect with locals. Smile and engage in a small conversation before you ask to photograph them. If they say NO, it shouldn’t take away your smile! We respect the culture.

The Paradise Valley hike is our most popular route. Departures are organized on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The reservation is made per person. The price includes transport, guide and food.

Private hikes are organized on request any day. The price is for 5 people (20€/additional person) and includes transport, guide and food.

Community hikes are group hikes that do not include food or transport, just the guide. Departure is from a meeting point and you bring what you need for the day.