Banana Village (Aourir)

From Oasis to River swim

about hiking Banana Village (Aourir)

This hike takes you into the hills behinds Aourir, a small chaotic village with an amusing ambiance especially when the Wednesday market comes to town.

We head inland, and Venture into the quiet foothills of Aourir Mountains. There, we take a peaceful walk around the scenic landscapes.

This hike nourishes our mind, body and soul.




On demand


9am- 1pm




6 Km/ 3.7 Miles

Pick UP


120€ /up to 5 people

What's Included

  • Round Trip Transfer
  • Amazing Guide
  • Tea on fire
  • Use of walking sticks (upon request)


  • Argan and Euphorbia forest
  • Human-made Oasis
  • Shepherd Trails
  • Berber Culture
  • Traditional Farming
  • River Swim (if weather allows it)

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