Argan & Oasis

Far from the crowd, Argan forest to Oasis

about hiking Argan & Oasis

This hike starts from the mountains behind Aourir Banana village and will take you to the fruitful Oasis of Paradise Valley. Using ancient nomad trails going through the argan forest, you will go descending to a small Berber village to enjoy the hospitality and delicious traditional lunch.

After the break, no more mountains, walk through the rich ecosystem of a man-made oasis and get shaded by palm trees and many other fruit trees!

This trail is mostly going down, meaning less effort but it put a strain on weak knees. Walking sticks are available upon request.




On demand




Aourir back mountain


10KM / 6.2Miles

Pick UP


230€ /up to 5 people

What's Included

  • Hotel transfer return trip
  • Food (lunch, water, snacks)
  • Amazing Guides
  • Use of walking poles (upon request)


  • Argan & Thuya forest
  • Nomad trails
  • Stunning views
  • Berber Lunch in a village
  • Oasis and Birds

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